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Year 6 Kick-off: Building a Powerful Foundation for Success

EMPOWER Workshop 25 October 2023

On Wednesday 25 October 2023, both familiar faces and newcomers gathered for the highly anticipated EMPOWER Year 6 launch at Mayer Brown Offices. The evening buzzed with the energy of connection and the promise of personal and professional growth.

Elizabeth, the visionary behind the program, welcomed the attendees, sharing the story of EMPOWER Soundari then led an engaging quiz session, highlighting the program’s impressive impact, from diverse student backgrounds to successful internships and employment stories.

Breaking the ice, Soundari facilitated a photo-sharing activity that encouraged students to open up about their experiences and break down barriers and foster a sense of camaraderie among the participants.

Next, Felicity took the stage, guiding students through the vital process of goal setting. Post-it notes dotted the room, each one representing an ambition or dream. Through group discussions, these aspirations became shared goals, forming the bedrock of the participants’ EMPOWER journey.

Felicity and Soundari then led discussions on collaborative practices. Small groups brainstormed guidelines for effective teamwork, emphasizing mutual respect and utilizing Group Leaders’ expertise. These conversations set the tone for a supportive environment where everyone’s growth was prioritized.

As the evening winded down, Soundari confirmed the details for upcoming workshops and EMPOWER Alumni, Fatima Waheed gave a heartful message of thanks to everyone involved in the organisation of the workshop.

What a fantastic way to start the new season!

Next Workshop: 21 November 2023


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