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Mayer Brown's intensive Interview Workshop for EMPOWER law students

EMPOWER by The Amber Foundation - Saleema and Ftima

We are delighted to share Fatima and Saleema's recent experience. They are two current EMPOWER participants who had the opportunity to participate in an interview workshop designed and organised by MayerBrown especially for law students. These opportunities are invaluable and can make a difference in our students' career success.

"Mayer Brown, a well-established law firm, allowed us to practice our interview skills with seasoned practitioners from the field we want to enter.

The workshop was designed excellently. We received constructive feedback from two interviewers, and we could act as observers to learn from our fellow students’ performance. This was essential as every interviewer was not the same, allowing us to

get good exposure to this lived reality.


The insights we obtained were rich and straightforward, especially as such practical feedback may not be directly provided to us in law school.

Overall, the workshop provided us with a safe yet effective space to experiment and improve our interview performance, which we believe will certainly help us as we progress.

We are very grateful to EMPOWER by The Amber Foundation and Mayer Brown for arranging such an intensive interview workshop for our cohort law students.'

Fatima & Saleema

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