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Introducing our new Managing Director, James Thomson-Sakhrani.

James Thomson-Sakhrani

We are thrilled and proud to announce that James Thomson-Sakhrani has assumed the role of Managing Director of The Amber Foundation.

James originally developed the precursor to The Toiletries Project over 20 years ago at age 14 as part of his Eagle Scout project with a Hong Kong-based Boy Scouts of America troop. The original goal was to collect and redistribute unused hotel toiletries and airline amenity kits, among other items, to the homeless. In the years that followed, his parents, Kishore and Elizabeth, have grown the project to its current heights, as well as developing Empower by The Amber Foundation and various other work.

With a degree from Harvard University, James has successfully managed a boutique men’s fashion brand for the past seven years. Combined with a demonstrated history of working in the broadcast media industry, James brings a new style and flair to The Amber Foundation and its initiatives. As a long-time vice President at The Canadian Club of Hong Kong and a member of the Entrepreneur and Small Business Committee at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, he benefits from a large network that has supported the Foundation in various ways.

We are excited to see James taking the helm and continue to steer The Amber Foundation to greater success in fulfilling their mission to support marginalized communities in Hong Kong and beyond.


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