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EMPOWER Workshop 25 January 2024 Empowered Careers - Unlocking Your Potential, Shaping Your Success

Updated: Jan 22

We are delighted to introduce you to our panel for the EMPOWER Workshop on 25 January: Empowered Careers - Unlocking Your Potential, Shaping Your Success

Shalini Mishra (EY), a master's in finance, has been working with EY for 1.5 decades and is currently a part of the APAC Digital Assurance team, based in Hong Kong.

Before HK, Shalini has worked in the UK, USA, and India and has loved every part of discovering new cultures and places. She believes that while self-motivation and resilience are key to growth, having fun and finding joy in small things goes a long way in creating a happy life.


In her personal life, Shalini is married and enjoys traveling with her husband and listening to music.

Chamika Kaduruwana (HSBC) is a senior product manager supporting Asia regional markets for HSBC Securities Services. Chamika has over 19 years of cross-cultural work experience with HSBC and has worked in Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom, and in Hong Kong in a variety of leadership roles including business transformation, product delivery, operations management, learning and development, and organisational design and improvement. Chamika is also a certified trainer and a people champion with 15+ years of experience in coaching, mentoring, and leadership training development. Chamika is also a diversity and inclusion ambassador with experience in leading and supporting regional diversity and inclusion teams, initiating regional diversity and inclusion initiatives, implementing policy-level changes, and other inclusion initiatives to create awareness and support diverse teams achieve their growth ambitions.

Cassandra Simpson (Teneo) is a Senior Vice President, Strategy & Communications, for a global CEO advisory firm called Teneo. She has worked in communications and government relations in Hong Kong and London. Cassie helps business leaders shape the stories that they want to tell about their businesses, and then create strategies and campaigns to help them reach and engage with their audiences. She advises companies on sustainability and social impact campaigns as these are the issues that she is passionate about. Last year she supported the global launch of U-Go, an NGO that offers university scholarships to underprivileged girls in Asia’s developing markets.

Lynette Nam (Justice Centre) is a qualified lawyer with over 10 years of practice experience in immigration and asylum law in the Asia Pacific. She is currently the Executive Director of Justice Centre Hong Kong, where in her prior role as Senior Legal Advisor, she was responsible for designing and implementing legal services and strategies to advance protection and fair systems for refugees and other displaced people in Hong Kong. She is also Deputy Chair of the Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network and has previously worked on legal aid and empowerment projects in Australia, Thailand, and Myanmar.

We would like to thank the speakers for committing their time and sharing their expertise, helping our cohort to go on an exploration of career possibilities, and fine-tune their trajectory towards success!


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