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EMPOWER by The Amber Foundation: Our Impact to date!

As we’re mid-way through our 6th cohort, we’ve taken a moment to reflect on the past few years and are excited to share with you how EMPOWER has impacted through the lives of the young women in our program.

Inside and beyond the workshops, EMPOWER has fostered a sense of community and collaboration, often functioning as a matchmaker between the ambitious participants at the start of their career journey and senior professional women in various industries and companies.

We made it our mission to expose our cohorts to a multitude of internship and career opportunities. It is encouraging to see how many of our participants have made use of these opportunities and how many were successful in achieving them.


Throughout these past 6 years, it's been inspiring to witness individuals gaining confidence, honing skills, and breaking barriers that once seemed insurmountable. We are also delighted to see how many of our alumni remain in contact with the program Executive Committee Members, Program Managers, and Group Leaders.


We extend our gratitude to each participant, corporate partner, group leader, internship provider, and other supporter who has been part of this journey. Your enthusiasm and commitment have fueled the success of EMPOWER, and we're excited about the chapters yet to unfold.


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