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Celebrating Success: Wrapping Up Another Incredible Year of EMPOWER!

EMPOWER Cohort #6

And that’s a wrap. Another year of EMPOWER is finished. Once again, we are so very proud of how the cohort has evolved during the program, with some incredible wins and achievements.

A big thank you to Nidhi Kush Shah for facilitating this final session and to Bloomberg for their amazing venue and hospitality.

We would like to extend our gratitude to our Group Leaders of the evening, for their time and mentorship, and for forming the basis of our cohort’s professional network. From Bloomberg: Manju SakhraniIrene GuVicky Cheng, and Madeleine LimRachael GuanJovy Wong and Kate WoodAmy TyeTracey Turner and Wendy Zhou, and Divya Ahluwalia.

Most importantly, a huge thank you to our EMPOWER #6 cohort! These last few months have seen some incredible wins for many of you, and it has been a pleasure getting to know you and following your developments. We wish you all the best in your endeavours!

A lot of work goes into running and organizing the EMPOWER program, but we do it all with love, passion, and dedication. So, until next year, thank you from all of us at EMPOWER: Elizabeth L. Thomson, Soundari Mukherjea, Felicity McRobb, Anisha Sakhrani, Reena Rollason, Mamta Hotchandani, Manisha Wijesinghe, May Anne Vergara Bird, Christa Nuijs, and Shyla Motwani.


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