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And that's a wrap!

EMPOWER Season #5 finished last night in style. Closing the season, was our favourite empowered mindset whisperer, Nidhi Kush Shah, who expanded our toolbox with multiple ways to turn our narrative into a constructive, confident and self-caring one.

This year, we have been on an absolute high after nearly two years of online workshops. To interact personally with our cohort has made a big difference, and the in-person networking sessions with our wonderful group leaders have proven to be extremely valuable for all parties involved.

We would like to thank Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) for offering their venue Connect Hall for our graduation workshop, and last night’s Group Leaders for volunteering their time and sharing their experience.

And of course, thank you to our “class of 2023”, for your enthusiasm, your laughs, your resilience. You are an inspiration to us all!

From all of us at EMPOWER, thank you to everyone for making this season such a success! We are already looking ahead to EMPOWER #6! Bring it on, we can’t wait!

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