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The Amber Foundation was founded in 2011 by Elizabeth Thomson and Kishore Sakhrani. Following the success of their son’s Eagle Scout project in 2004, the couple decided to begin The Amber Foundation in order to continue that project and grow it into a long-term benefit to the community. In the years following, their son and daughter, James and Simone Thomson-Sakhrani have become part of the foundation as well, helping to grow the organization into a full family effort. The Amber Foundation has since become a respectable and well-regarded organisation in Hong Kong and abroad.

The Amber Foundation started with the collection, repacking, and distribution of small size toiletry kits, using donated hotel toiletries and airline amenity kits, rescuing them from ending up in landfills. After repacking the toiletries into men and women's kits, they are distributed to organisations that support street sleepers, the homeless, women in shelters, refugees, and the elderly.

Since 2011, the response from the Hong Kong community has been overwhelming and we currently have 16 collection points across Hong Kong and Macau and the process of repacking and distributing has been partly outsourced to a local partner to keep up with the supply and demand. 

In 2018, The Amber Foundation also set up a scholarship and mentoring program for young, female university students from ethnic minority backgrounds in Hong Kong. In 2019, this program was rebranded EMPOWER, The Amber Foundation Program for Ethnic Minority University Women.

We hope to expand our efforts in both areas further, both locally and internationally and are immensely grateful for all the support we have encountered on our journey so far.

Our Story: About Us
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